Tan Trieu pomelo village
Cập nhật: 03.04.2017 03:26

Visiting Tan Trieu pomelo village, you will be introduced and instructed how to choose a good fruit. You can taste pomelo at the garden. 

There are many pomelo gardens along Dong Nai river side. If you want to taste the best flavour pomelo, you should go to Tan Trieu. 

Làng bưởi Tân Triều

Tan Trieu area is shaped from Dong Nai river alluvium. This is a special and important nutrition source to make the difference in flavour between pomelo grown in this land with other areas. Pomelo season begins from October to January next year.  The effect of pomelo is to reduce blood pressure, diabetes…Furthermore, others pomelo’s components as peel, pips are useful for human health.


Làng bưởi Tân Triều 

Source: Dong Nai Tourism Promotion Center